A well-operating range hood is a crucial part of any kitchen, particularly if you are always cooking meals that create a lot of smoke. Vent hoods, also known as range hoods, comes in a huge range of various features, designs, styles, and sizes. However, maintaining and cleaning your range hood is pretty similar throughout the various styles and products, despite the various differences.

Here are several tips on maintaining and cleaning your range hood:

Cleaning the Range Hood

Cleaning the range hood is quite easy. You have to ensure that your stovetop isn’t turned on or hot and the system is turned off. For routine clean-ups, a household cleaning degreaser or spray will be ideal. You have to keep in mind that you shouldn’t use any abrasive products. Don’t spray the cleaner on other electrical components or the light bulb. You can also hire a professional Hood cleaning Baltimore company to do the job for you.

Cleaning the Air Filter

The component of your range hood that gets rid of smoke and particulates from the air before pushing it outside of your home is called the air filter. A charcoal filter and a metal filter are the two types of filters. You can easily remove both of these types for replacement or cleaning.

Examine for Issues

There are several vital signs that will show if your hood is not properly working. It’s normal for a range hood to wear down as time goes by. This is because of the machinery wearing down from constant use or the building up of grease.

Preventative Measures

Of course, there are several preventative methods to prolong the health of your vent hood. This includes:

  • Cleaning the filter regularly since it’s the component that will gather grease the fastest.
  • Checking the vent regularly to keep an unrestricted airflow. It can pose a fire hazard if you enable grease to build up.
  • Regularly wash the exposed metal. Typically, warm suds will be enough. A solution of water and ammonia will do the job if surfaces get really greasy. You have to ensure, however, that you thoroughly rinse after using the solution.
  • To prevent the buildup of grease and dirt, regularly clean the fan blades. This will help keep it from overheating and prevent excess stress on the motor.


Cutting a tiny piece of newspaper and holding it over the vent is an excellent way to test your vent. Your vent should be fine if the newspaper is sucked up and held in place.

Replacing the Motor or Cleaning the Fan

In general, the fan motor is durable enough that it won’t require maintenance. However, when you do check-ups, you should still check each component of your vent hood. The motor can often be exposed to an excessive amount of grease and humidity. If this happens, your motor will not operate properly.

On the other hand, the blower wheel is often the one that collects most grease and dirt. You can remove this component and clean it using a degreaser.

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