You probably know that you are required to have a kitchen hood system installed in your restaurant if you’re a restaurant operator/manager, facility director, or an owner. Aside from being a basic requirement for compliance with state and city fire codes, this will also help you protect your property.

However, it isn’t enough to just have a commercial kitchen exhaust hood installed. You have to ensure that it’s maintained by a professional Hood cleaning Tuscon company. Why? Well, here are several reasons:

Why Do You Have To Hire A Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning?

For those who don’t know, the use of your kitchen hood is to move air pollutants out of your kitchen and to trap exhaust smoke and grease particles. The kitchen hood will obviously collect grease over time. Eventually, it will become a vast source of grease. For those who don’t know, grease can be fuel for a fire.

As time passes by, grime and grease deposits can harden and clot. Then, it will transform into a very flammable and sticky glue-like element inside the hood system and ductwork of your kitchen. This element will possibly ignite with enough heat. This will place your building, assets, clients, and employees at risk of a fire emergency. In addition to that, during the downtime, you will obviously have a loss of revenue and negative press coverage. You don’t want that as a business owner, right?

Aside from the health and fire hazards connected to excessive buildup of grease in kitchen hood systems, there are a lot of other reasons why you should have routine kitchen hood cleaning for your restaurant. Here are some of them:


Insurance companies need each building with a commercial kitchen to follow all the health and fire safety codes. The insurance company can increase its premiums and/or drop coverage if your hood system is found in continuous violation of codes.


You can get rid of any possible health and safety violations if you are code compliant with health and fire departments. There will be consequences if a building is found with excessive grease in the ductwork or greasy hood filters. This includes shutting down the business and/or fines.

Clean Air

A clean exhaust hood will avoid any possible hazardous particulates from escaping into the air of your building. If this happens, the air quality in your restaurant will be lowered and it will possibly pose a health hazard to your employees and clients.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Company

Hood cleaning is time-consuming, difficult, and dirty. Typically, it involves a rigorous process. This includes using chemicals, preparing the area, and getting rid of hood filters.

A professional company has professional technicians that have all the skills and knowledge required in cleaning kitchen hoods. This means that you can save a lot of effort and time if you let the professionals do the job.

In addition to that, these professionals follow the code. They are well-versed in health and fire codes and how to comply with them at all times.

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