You obviously want to prevent fires if you are a kitchen manager or restaurant owner. One way to do that is to schedule routine maintenance and hood cleaning Omaha with a professional company.

However, is it really important to hire a hood cleaning service? Well, the truth is that only a professional kitchen exhaust technician will able to recognize any dangers of your exhaust vent, even if looks clean from the outside.

Here are several things to consider when hiring a professional hood cleaning service:

Check the System

A professional should examine the exhaust system before they start to clean it. This will help recognize anything that isn’t normal that needs to be addressed. The technician may recognize parts of the system that requires replacement during the inspection.

Turn of the Fan

Though exhaust systems vary from one restaurant to another, it is very crucial that the technicians ensure the whole system is not operating. This will avoid any potential damage to their tools and cleaning equipment.

Prepare the Kitchen

It can get messy whenever you want your vent hood cleaned. The technicians must begin by getting rid of the baffle filters, cover the floor and nearby appliances in case grease splatters or funnel falls during removal, and prepare the funnels to collect the debris and grease.

The Cleaning Process

Typically, technicians work in pairs. One person will work below the kitchen area and the other one will be on the roof. Using a degreaser, the roof technician will spray the components of the ducts and the exhaust fans from above.

The job of the technician during this stage is to make sure that the debris and grease are properly flowing down the funnel. They also have to make sure that there aren’t any problems.

Scrape Problem Areas Manually

The technicians during this stage have to scrape the parts manually. This will loosen debris and grease. This is particularly true if they’re very dirty. Then, the components are sprayed again with a chemical degreaser. They will have to repeat the process until all debris and grease have been eliminated.

Polish the Hood

The technicians will have to remove the plastic that is protecting it after all the debris and grease have been eliminated from the hood. They will then have to dry it off and polish the exterior and interior part of the canopy.

Apply the Certification Sticker

There will be a sticker that’s required by the law to be applied by the technicians on the hood. You should not remove this sticker. This sticker will show the hood cleaning date and the next scheduled cleaning to your insurance agent, the health department, and fire inspectors.

Post-Cleaning Inspection

After the cleaning process, the technician will give you a written report. They will also allow the kitchen manager or the owner to examine visually the system they have cleaned. A copy of the report is either emailed to the right contact or left at the restaurant if a representative isn’t available.

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